Bug Hunting and Penetration Testing | Easy Checklist for Beginners

Nowadays everyone is saying that “first learn then do practice as much as you can”, this is the secret of bug hunting. No doubt plenty of researchers are also suggesting to make a powerful methodology and Bug Hunting Checklist to get succeed in bug hunting.

What about a beginner?

There are lots of methodologies available on the internet but we don’t think those are for beginners. There is a supporting fact to prove our statement. The exact meaning of methodology is an organized to-do or checklist. If you observe those checklists such as from OWASP or from any individual bug hunter you will see lots of things to test to find bugs. Beginners will get confused while testing each and every bug.

What is the perfect checklist for bug bounty hunting?

As a beginner the less you test the less you will get confused and if a beginner is focusing on fewer things, it will help him or her to get more chances to find bugs. Read the whole blog for a better understanding. In this blog, we will tell you what after recon for beginner and intermediate. For a brief understanding read the entire blog.

Bug Hunting Checklist For Begineers

Before we begin if you are confused how to choose bug hunting target, we have dedicated blog which includes some great tips and tricks to choose better bug hunting program in order to increase chance of hunting bugs. You can find the article at How to choose first bug bounty program ? (spinthehack.in)

If you want to download the interactive checklist where you can check mark the boxes and use it for youself, the link for the same is attached at the last of the blog.

Bug Hunting Checklist For Intermediate

Guide for Checklist

We have already made a dedicated video explaining the checklist in Hindi, if you want some help you can watch it to clear up your concept.

Notion Link For Interactive Checklist

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